sheet metal

Battery terminal covers in place

Submitted by Pedro on Sat, 2021-04-24

I finally got some time to apply the MDF layers to the battery terminal covers.

And it was very satisfying to know that it was a very nice fit. The only exception was of a couple of extra centimeters in width, which were promptly cut away easily.

The entire cover is made of three MDF layers. The first two are 10mm thick whereas the last one is 5mm thick.

Junction box and throttle pot trays

Submitted by Pedro on Wed, 2020-10-21
Just a quick update about two new sheet metal parts: a tray for the junction box and another one for the throttle pot, made from 2mm thick aluminium. It's a pretty simple design and the two parts are super lightweight. You can see that the junction box tray had to be bend a little but that's okay. The pot tray also needed an additional 1cm of length to add tension in the cable but that will be for a 2.0 version.