Flywheel hub

Submitted by Pedro on Sun, 2020-05-10

I've been busy on the last month trying new versions of the motor cradle and gear box plate. It's been a slow process due to limited access to the shop, thanks to corona virus, home-schooling and remote work. :(

But the hub that secures the original flywheel to the electric motor is under way! It started with my model in FreeCAD, which you can see here along the other bits:

CAN bus reading

Submitted by Pedro on Sun, 2020-03-29

I just bought my first Arduino (well, actually, a ESP8266) and CAN bus module!

My motivation is to read some parameters from the electric motor controller, such as rpm and temperatures, and drive the original, analog dashboard from the Samurai.

I know that the controller has a CAN network feature were we can program up to 4 messages (called TPOs) with up to 8 bytes each. We can use that payload to send data such as key-on time, controller temperature, motor temperature, throttle request, motor status, motor rpms, SoC, etc.

Gear box out

Submitted by Pedro on Wed, 2020-03-18

Today I removed the gear box from the vehicle. While not strictly required, I want to take some measurements and clean up, and that's easier to do with the gearbox outside the car. Also, I think it's easier to test fit the electric motor and adapter plate in the box on a workbench.

I started by draining the transmission oil. The drain plug can be undo with a 3/8" square socket: