new parts

DC/DC converter troubleshooting

Submitted by Pedro on Sun, 2021-07-25
I'm taking a lot longer than expected to wire my DC DC converter and, worse of all, I'm not having any success. I'm using a TDC-IY-108-12 from a Chinese company named TC Charger (the website printed in the manual doesn't exist). I think there are similar converters branded as Elcon. It's a 1kW unit with a nominal DC input of 108V (range can vary from 72V to 162V). Do you have any suggestions?

DC/DC converter arrived

Submitted by Pedro on Thu, 2021-06-17
It's been a while since the last update. I've been busy with other non-related stuff and also some boring stuff, namely wiring the leads for all the battery modules (to connect a manual charger/voltmeter) and a future BMS. At the same time, the DC/DC converter finally arrived, along with some more HV cable and fuses. I've gone for a chinese TCCharger unit good for 1.2kW. I've read mixed reviews about these chinese solutions but the truth is that there is not many alternatives.

Battery terminal covers in place

Submitted by Pedro on Sat, 2021-04-24

I finally got some time to apply the MDF layers to the battery terminal covers.

And it was very satisfying to know that it was a very nice fit. The only exception was of a couple of extra centimeters in width, which were promptly cut away easily.

The entire cover is made of three MDF layers. The first two are 10mm thick whereas the last one is 5mm thick.

LED headlights (and indicators)

Submitted by Pedro on Sat, 2021-01-09

While I'm searching some HV batteries, I decided to replace the front headlights, which are a bit weak, with some new LED ones.

I found a pair on ebay for around 30 euros which seem nice and also have DRL and indicators.

I just had to design a couple of metal sheets to secure the headlight to the body and gave them a black paint job to disguise them under the front grill.