Wiring and first start

I finally had some time to complete the initial wiring and try a first start in the vehicle. The good news is that everything is working (sort of) but there's some misconfiguration with the angle sensor (I guess). 

Here's the current look of things:

Wiring at the junction box
Wiring and the new junction box. The fuses are still missing and HV wires need upgrade

I got a custom MDF base for the junction box so I can later screw everything in place. The throttle pot and forward and interlock switches are working fine. The ignition relay and main contactor are also working. In fact, all wiring seems to be just fine, albeit needing some trimming and beefing up (in case of the HV wires).

My main issue now is that the motor doesn't always rotate, even though I can hear some sounds and read current draw. My guess is some misconfiguration related to the angle encoder, namely within the controller. Frankly, I still haven't understand how I can get the correct values for that sin/cos configuration and I'm having some troubles accessing the Motor section of the SmartView software. I have two versions of the software but one complains about incorrect GUI version and the other one crashes when I access that screen.

That's not something completely new to me, since I sometimes got that same behaviour when I tested in the workbench without any load. But I'm hoping it's not something critical because sometimes I can indeed start the motor and keep it running at low speed with the transmission in neutral. So I guess it can rotate "freely" even when connected to the flywheel and transmission shaft. Yeah!

In the meantime, I'll tidy up the wiring a bit (junction box, encoder and temp leads, and HV wires). I also have to put some new oil in the transmission because I drained it when I removed it from the car.

Also, I'm working on a custom made battery box to hold 5 Lidl 20V batteries in series so I could have a DC power supply with more juice than the tiny 300W I have at the moment. I will post some news about it, although it's clear that I really need to search for a battery solution for this build. But before (or that the same time) I do that, I want to drain the fuel talk, remove it and check the space I got there. I'm already imagining the fabrication I will need for the final battery box ;)

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