Battery terminal covers in place

I finally got some time to apply the MDF layers to the battery terminal covers.

And it was very satisfying to know that it was a very nice fit. The only exception was of a couple of extra centimeters in width, which were promptly cut away easily.

The entire cover is made of three MDF layers. The first two are 10mm thick whereas the last one is 5mm thick.

Battery cover layers
Battery cover MDF layers. First: only the terminals (ouch!). Second: bottom layer (nice fit!). Third: Middle MDF layer with bus bar

Even the space for the bus bars is pretty much spot on. I just need to make some manual cuts (and special bus bar) for the first two modules, which have the same polarity.

Bus bar close up
Close up of the terminals. I'm using a spring washer but I don't think it's optimal. I think I'll use a flat washer or even the BMS connectors once I have the BMS. Note the BMS wire channels are already there.

 The third and last layer is a 5mm MDF cover:

Cover top layer
Cover top layer. It was more crudely cut.

All the layers are fixed using simple wood screws:

MDF layer screw
I'm using wood screws to hold everything in place while being serviceable at the same time

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