LED headlights (and indicators)

While I'm searching some HV batteries, I decided to replace the front headlights, which are a bit weak, with some new LED ones.

I found a pair on ebay for around 30 euros which seem nice and also have DRL and indicators.

I just had to design a couple of metal sheets to secure the headlight to the body and gave them a black paint job to disguise them under the front grill.

LED headlight and indicator
LED headlight and indicator on one side only. The main beam is equally different from the stock ones but harder to get on camera.

However, I also had to buy an electronic blinker, since the OEM one blinks faster because the LED current draw is lower. Luckily, I found a plug-and-play one also on ebay, which came from the UK (not the wisest thing to do after Brexit but it wasn't too slow to arrive). Its description is "LIGHTEC CF14 JL-02 3 PIN RELAY LED FLASHER CAR BIKE TURN SIGNAL INDICATOR LIGHT" in case you're wondering and cost me around 5 euros. It was just a matter of replacing the relay in the fuse box.

Here's the result:

I'm not sure about the legal compliance of these headlights (they do have a .dot certification for what is worth) but hey, I guess that's the least of the modifications this car has suffered :D


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