Junction box and throttle pot trays

Just a quick update about two new sheet metal parts: a tray for the junction box and another one for the throttle pot:

Junction box and throttle pot trays
Junction box and throttle pot trays made from 2mm thick aluminium

It's a pretty simple design and the two parts are super lightweight. You can see that the junction box tray had to be bend a little but that's okay. The pot tray also needed an additional 1cm of length to add tension in the cable but that will be for a 2.0 version.


Roman Boneza (not verified)

Hi mate, I'm following your build closely - learning alot - thanks so much for sharing. I bought a Suzuki Samurai/Sierra last week as I have been wanting to do an electric conversion on a small 4x4 for some time now. I will probably take a year or so to collect the parts, but I definitely want to use a Hyper9 motor like you..
Wishing you and your project all the best!

Thu, 2020-10-29 Permalink

In reply to by Roman Boneza (not verified)

Hi Roman,

sorry about the lack of response. Only now I realized I had your pending comment on this page.

Thank you for your message and wish you all the best for your project!



Fri, 2021-07-16 Permalink

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