Hyper9 almost ready to get in

I was certain that today I would be able to install the hyper9 motor in the Samurai engine bay. However, there's always something that delays the project :)

I started by getting the motor onto the hoist, since it's too heavy to do it on my own.

Hyper 9 motor getting out of the Nissan Leaf
Getting the Hyper 9 motor from the trunk of the Nissan Leaf. For a brief journey, the Leaf had two electric motors inside :P

All fabricated parts fit well enough but, somehow, I lost the bolts that secure the clutch pressure plate in place! I'm sure they will appear when they are no longer needed :D

Thus, I had to postpone the installation while I search for some short M8 bolts. Here's the job so far:

Motor stack
The motor with just the fabricated hub (the blue stuff is medium strength Loctite), the original flywheel and, lastly, the brand new clutch kit. Notice the missing bolts.

Let's see what happens next ;)

I'm hooping the clutch alignment tool is not required, since that would delay the project even more. I'll try to align it with some sockets.

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