New engine mounting design

Welcome to engine mounting design 2.0.

I started thinking that the previous design with a cradle, inspired by some examples on the web, wouldn't work well with the hyper9 motor. My reasoning (and I'm a complete noob at this) is that the motor would only "seat" in the cradle but all the torsional force for the motor torque would be transmitted to the transmission, which is only held in place by a "weak" rubber mount on the back.

I guess I realised that once I replaced that mount with a new part. In short, the engine and transmission are suspended in three points: two in the engine bay and the third one in the back of the transmission, near the transfer box. So, I decided to ditch the cradle and use traditional rubber mounts for the electric motor and controller.

The main difficulty is that the hyper9 only has those 4 bolt threads on its face, around the output shaft. It has no other holes or securing points on the sides or on the other face. So, my idea now is to use the adapter plate as mounting location, hence the flat sides with threaded holes:

New motor mounting
Motor mounting design 2.0. Ignore the lack of detail in the motor, controller and wiring. All I'm interested at this point is fairly good measurements :)

In red you can see the vehicle frame (engine mount bases and firewall). Hopefully, they are not too far off the real measures, but I guess I will find that out later :D
I designed a custom bracket to hold a traditional rubber mount to the frames. I browsed through Autodoc's library and found some Mitsubishi Lancer ones that were cheap (~10€) and might do the trick.

After I received the rubber mounts, I measured them and designed the U-shape adapter that connects it to the also custom-designed side frame, which in turn bolts into the adapter plate (pink). This frame will also support the top platform that will serve as the base of the controller.

For the mount brackets, I decided to keep the 5mm thickness of the original ones. I also used 5mm thick stainless sheet metal for the side frames. Probably it's an overkill but what the heck.

Currently, I'm awaiting for both the bracket and a side frame to be ready so I can test fit. I will also need to build the U-shape adapter, probably in 3mm thick stainless.

I will then let you know the result. If all goes well, I will then make the ones for the other side and also the top platform, in aluminium.

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