Battery box plan

Having the battery modules on hand, I started building a structure to secure them on the Samurai.

I only got two spacers with the battery modules, which was enough to measure and draw them on FreeCAD. I also saw some videos and pictures with the original battery box of the Nissan Leaf, so I ended up making a similar solution to that, namely the rear most pack.

Going back to the Suzuki I realised it's not possible to make a linear stack on the space made available by the fuel tank delete. It's probably possible to arrange them in a way that all the 16 modules could fit in that space but adds to complexity and cost. So, my current plan is to hold the pack in the boot. But since the boot is almost non existent, I'll take out one of the rear seats.

Here's my current solution with the spacers and brackets I'll need to fabricate:

Battery box plan
Battery box plan with the spacers, brackets, rails and rods. I only have one of each spacer, for visibility sake

Here's the same drawing with the battery modules and the bus bars:

Battery box with modules
Battery box with modules and bus bars.

All parts will be fabricated and a local laser cut shop, in 3mm aluminium. The only thing missing is the copper bus bars (they don't cut copper) and the rods. The latter will be bought in another local shop and cut to length with an angle grinder. All hardware such as bolts, washers and nuts will be bought at the same store.

Once I have the cost for all of the parts I will post it. It would be better to have that hardware from the original Nissan vehicle which donated the modules but that's not an option. On the plus side, we can draw custom aluminium parts in FreeCAD with dimensions suitable for the Suzuki rear seat holes.

I will try to make a short video when I assemble the pack.

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