Adapter plate adjustments

I've made some small but needed adjustments to the aluminium adapter plate.

Since I didn't model the fasteners in FreeCAD (my bad!), I missed some bolt heads that don't clear as they should.
My solution was to replace those bolts with countersunk ones:

Adapter plate with countersunk bolt
Adapter plate with countersunk bolt (also a M10). The one on the other side is really flush with the sheet but it's deep enough as is: it clears the transmission stud!

I had to buy a bit to make the chanfer for the bolt head ("escareador" in Portuguese). It wasn't cheap but it made the work very easy with the help of a battery drill.

I also had to make the threads a bit wider so all the bolts go through easily. In addition, I made two threaded holes in the bottom to help secure the side frames:

Tapping some threads
Tapping some threads: Making the M10 on the sides a bit wider and add two M8 on the bottom
All three bolt types
All three bolt types :)

 Now I feel confident about the adapter and the next step is a great milestone: hang the motor in the engine bay. I will try to capture some photos and maybe some videos. See you soon!

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