First electric centimeters!

Big milestone achieved! The Samurai crawled its first centimeters on electric power alone!

More surprising was the fact that is was using a "battery pack" made of five 20V batteries from Parkside (Lidl), rated at 4Ah each! :D

Hyper9 with Parkside 20V batteries
Hyper9 with Parkside/Lidl batteries. A world first? :)

It was a proof of concept which must now be improved with a "real" battery pack, which means it's time to search for some Nissan Leaf packs and a suitable BMS.

Here's a close up of the pack:

Parkside battery pack
Parkside battery pack made of five 20V batteries from the X20 series. In this instance, it's the 4Ah version. I'm using a smallish 30A fuse I had on hand

I previously had the motor spun up with a bench 300W DC power supply but it was too little to spin the motor with the flywheel and transmission in neutral. This way, I could make a quick and cheap sanity check on the current system.

The 2Ah version of these batteries are reviewed here. They are good for 20A, which means this 4Ah version, which is basically a parallel version of the smaller one, should handle at least 40A. The capacity is around 400Wh (4Ah x 100V). I didn't run much more right now because I didn't had the laptop with me to monitor the current and I was afraid of simply burning the 30A fuse I had on hand. I need to run some more tests and monitoring.

Lidl: if you're watching, consider sponsoring this build! :)
Not only the batteries are from Parkside, most of my tools are bought there ;)

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