Wiring diagram

The electric motor controller needs to tap on the "ignition" signal, so that it turns on when the key switch is turned into that position. I immediately noticed that the "acc" position of the key switch is not working as it should. The "acc" is suppose to power the radio and cigarette lighter only, just before the next position, "ignition". But the key switch or its wiring must have been messed up with since the "acc" does not exist. The "ignition" is always on with the switch either in "acc" or "ignition". So, I started looking closely at the wiring to see what else was not stock.

My Samurai came with a previous aftermarket alarm system (mostly removed) and I'm also going to remove the current radio. The sound is crap, some speakers are not working and I don't use the radio anyways.

I found this wiring diagram for a Suzuki Samurai:

Suzuki Samurai wiring diagram

There's no ECM in mine and the wire colours are not exactly the same but it helps.

The fuse box doesn't follow the same colours but at least the numbering is similar, starting in the top right red fuse and moving counter-clockwise:

Fuse box

There's a suspicious brown wire soldered but I think it's because the red connector (or the left most pin of it) is damaged. Anyways...

I also found an electric fuel pump connected to the "ignition" near the distributor. The pump is located under the car, right after the fuel tank.
I don't know the original reason (maybe the mechanical pump of the engine is not enough?) but there's this part now, which I will eventually remove. For the time being, it's just electrically disconnected.

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