deICE initial assessment

This was my first real assessment of the work ahead.

As you can see, the car is pretty basic and I think I can remove most ICE components attached in group, ie, without disconnecting them to many smaller pieces. That will make it easier to revert the process if I want to.

Up front, the radiator and fan shroud can be removed in block. The overflow tank is also connected to it. So, I'm planning to start by removing the coolant, disconnecting the coolant pipes and then removing the entire assembly.

Front of engine bay
Front of engine bay

The fan is connected directly to the engine and I think I'll leave it as is. One of the coolant pipes is connected to a hard pipe attached to the body. That part is staying for now.

One the driver side, there's only the exhaust downpipe that needs to be severed from the manifold (two 17? bolts that are probably going to be hard to undo) and the brake booster vacuum pipe. I though the large black cable was the speedometer but it goes to the clutch, so I guess it's the clutch release cable. Either way, it goes around the engine and will stay in place.

There's only an electric connection which is probably the oil pressure sensor.

Driver side part of engine bay
Driver side part of engine bay


On the other side and back there's the obvious air box that I'll take out to free some room but can later be reattached to the engine once it is out. The high voltage coil is fixed to the body but I will disconnect it from the distributor, which will come out with the engine.

Beneath them there are the coolant pipes going to the heater. I will disconnect them from the firewall.

Back of engine bay
Back of engine bay. There's a Nissan oil cap on this Suzuki :)

Down under there's the large wires going to the starter engine.

There's also the clutch cable that is fixed to a bracket on the engine. I will need to disconnect it. Fuel lines and alternator, idem.

I still don't know if I take the engine out with the transmission, as the service manual suggests, or if I can disconnect them in place and hoist only the engine. I guess it will depend on the access I will have.

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