Fuel tank removed

To work in something different than electrical wiring, I turned my attention to the fuel tank, which was still attached (and almost half full).

The tank is attached with only four 14mm screws on each corner. Typically, three came out without problems but the last one did not; and it was in the less accessible spot, of course :)
But eventually, all came out. The feed and return lines were also disconnected, as was the filler neck and sensor wires.

Since there was still fuel in the tank (about 16 liters) I used the fuel pump which was underside the car. I don't think the pump came standard from factory. I thought it was only a front mechanical pump fed by the engine, but maybe this was part of the job when the previous owner upgraded from a 1.0 to the 1.3. Either way, it was handy! I just hooked it up to the 12V power supply and it pumped the fuel out in less than 5 mins.

Samurai fuel tank out
Samurai fuel tank out. On the left is its skid plate, which I'm not sure that comes from factory, as well as the fuel pump.

There was also a skid plate with is a nice touch in an offroad vehicle like this. I think I will keep it.

I took some measurements and I will then see if I could fit the battery pack (or some of it) in this location.

One less legacy thing in the car! I don't have a scale but I'm guessing it is weighting less than 900kg now! ;) 

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