Parkside 20V battery adapter

Hey there fellas! Oh wait, that's Garage 54 videos intro :)

While I read more about high voltage batteries but I don't commit to one yet, I'm playing with some cheaper alternatives.
This time, I'm planning to use five 20V batteries from Parkside/Lidl, which are easy to get (if you're lucky with their timing), relatively cheap, can be used with a number of tools and easily charged/replaced.

To hook those batteries, I've designed and 3D printed an adapter, which is made of two parts: the base and a top cover, which allows the copper contacts to be run in the middle. Here's the planned assembly:

Battery array in FreeCAD
Here's the array with five bases. Notice the slots for the copper bars. The covers are then screwed to the top.

And here's a test of a single base:

Parkside 20V battery adapter
Parkside 20V battery adapter. I still need to find the copper buses and I should chamfer those bolt holes. But the overall dimensions are just right, if a bit to tight to assembly another battery side by side.

 I can tell that the dimensions are pretty much bang on. The battery slides perfectly and is kept in place thanks to its spring.

Base with battery
Battery in a single base. Fits well.

From what I read online, these batteries are capable of 20A discharge or even more. That's 2kW at 100V, which is almost 10x what I get from the 300W bench DC supply. That should be enough for some indoor manoeuvres with the Samurai in the garage :)

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