Sourcing Nissan Leaf batteries

Just before a new lock down, I was able to source some used Nissan Leaf batteries!

I got 16 modules which gives a nominal voltage of 120V. That's one third of the Leaf pack, so around 8kWh capacity when new.
I'm not sure the current capacity of these modules but I did ordered a tester from Alibaba to get an estimate. The modules came out of a Nissan Leaf which got its battery pack replaced when 3 modules overheated.
They came without any spacers, bus bars or BMS wiring but I'm still checking if the sellers has them. If not, I would need to design them, which is not that difficult.

Nissan Leaf battery modules
Nissan Leaf battery modules - 12 of them. I have another 4 of them at home. Unfortunately, I only realised now that I don't have an exact pair of "left" and "right" modules.

I also asked the seller to see if he could switch one the modules in the picture above, so I could have an exact "pair" of modules to make the bus bar connections easier to do. I will have to wait for this new lock down to end so he can contact the shop.

I don't have a BMS or a charger yet. For the BMS, I'm reading about the Tiny BMS, and I would need two of them to read all 32s2p cells.

What I did was a quick measurement of the available space where the fuel tank used to be and it's not looking great. There's no width to fit the entire pack in a stack :(
I could probably find some arrangement with 2 or 4 stacks but it increases the costs and complexity.

An alternative I'm now considering is having it in the boot. It would take boot space obviously, but for the purpose of the vehicle I don't think it's that much of an issue. On the other hand, the pack (and BMS and charger) would be more protected from the elements.

In the meantime, I'll do some testing of some single modules and design some hardware in FreeCAD in case I do need to fabricate some spacers and/or brackets. I will also read more about BMS options.

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