Battery instalation

After a LONG period of inactivity in this project, I finally got the time to hoist the battery pack and install it in the planned location.

I was lucky to still have the engine crane available so I used it to hoist the pack. I didn't weight it but the 16 modules alone add up to around 60kg. Then there's all the brackets, spacers and profiles. And the cables.

It was fairly easy with just a minor hiccup. There was not enough clearing for the crane arm to enter the car.
Luckily it's a convertible :D

Battery pack in the crane
Battery pack in the crane. There was not enough clearance in the back for the crane arm.

With the hard top removed it went along much easier.

Hard top out, battery modules in
Hard top out, battery modules in

All the rest went fine and the holes line up -- thank you FreeCAD!

Battery pack in position
Battery pack in position. The holes line up alright.

I used the back seat holes and threads so I think the body of the car could be suspended by the pack -- I didn't try it though :P

Now that the batteries are not just lying on the floor I can move to testing the BMS.
Or maybe... connect the HV cables and do a small test run on the garage without BMS ;)

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