External resources

Here are some of the sites that I got relevant information from and that might be well worth a visit:

  • EVBMW - Lots of information from Irish Damien Maguire about his "home" conversions, hack controllers/inverters, EV courses, etc.
  • Elektrun cars - Spanish site with information about conversion, namely a blog with the story of a Renault Twingo.
  • 300MPG - Lots of information and examples of Ben's work. He started way back in the 10's and has a nice array of conversions from a small hatchback to a tractor!
  • SV-650e - A conversion of a motorcycle. Useful for me due to use of Leaf battery modules and a nice, cheap BMS (ANT Bluetooth 300A)

Here are some (e)books I read to prepare my conversion:

Some suppliers I looked into:

  • EV Shop - Romania based shop that seems to have some experience. Nice prices and prompt service. This is where I bought most my parts (motor kit).
  • Electric Classic Cars - UK based shop with a prompt service. They were the ones that told me about the Hyper 9 motor instead of the AC35. Shipping and currency conversion were not so interesting for me.
  • EV Europe - Dutch shop with large assortment of products and some projects.
  • EV West - You probably already know this... very nice projects and content on youtube (from Jehu Garcia, Fully Charged, etc.). Because it's based in the US, it's not really effective for me due to shipping, duties, etc.

Local stores that I found and used during the build:

  • NSF Laser - CNC laser cutting and folding for metal sheet working. Very fast and efficient guys in Campolide, Lisboa, open for almost 130 years! Not always CNC of course ;)
  • Dholetec - CNC laser cutting for MDF, cork and other light materials. 3D printing as well. Also in Campolide, Lisboa. Quick and prompt service.
  • Correia Parafusos - Nice hardware store with a lot of bolt and nut assortment (including non-metric) in Alfragide, near Lisboa. Online store allows purchase of small quantities.

Open source software I use and recommend:

  • Blender - very complete rendering software which I use as a video editor. Not the easiest to start with (and I'm putting it mildly) but nice after you get the basics. And I'm not worried to invest time in it because I know it will do anything I might need in the future!
  • FreeCAD - simple but complete software to model 3D parts. I use it to make a 2D sketch and convert it to a 3D part or steel sheet which I produce quickly and inexpensively in a local shop which has a CNC plasma cutter. I highly recommend FreeCAD: it allows parametric design (you can adjust the dimensions using a built-in spreadsheet and apply formulas), allows import and export to a lot of different formats (useful when sending files for different shops) and has a great compromise between ease-of-use and features.
  • DIYLC - DIY Layout Creator - easy-to-use program to make wiring diagrams and schematics. Very lightweight software.